Hotel and Restaurant Management companies are reliant upon seamless, efficient, and secure reception and management of mission-critical documents on a daily basis. Transportation can be costly and inefficient, but PaperSave can help.

PaperSave eliminates the delays and costs associated with document sharing and transportation while giving all locations access to information in a more timely fashion, thus improving decision-making. The financial and operational benefits of seamless document management in hotel and restaurant management are immense, especially when organizations have a multitude of locations distributed across different regions of the country.

As hotels and restaurants continue to deploy new technologies and navigate an increasingly complex marketplace, the use of document management systems like PaperSave’s can be viewed as a method by which to boost operational continuity. PaperSave can help hotels and restaurants envision and execute these projects in an efficient and affordable fashion, thus allowing leaders in these businesses to focus on more strategic matters.

Restaurant and hotel leaders can expect to enjoy the following benefits from using PaperSave’s services

Reduce Shipping Costs of Documents

Eliminate expenses and improve collaboration across all locations through the digitization of documents. This process will extinguish the need to overnight important forms back to headquarters, and can also automate document retrieval and processing tasks.

Integration with ROSNet

Integrated exchange of documents between the RozNet Point of Sale system and PaperSave.

Gain Instant Access to Documents

When using PaperSave’s document management system, you will virtually eliminate the filing and retrieval responsibilities that take up 20-30 percent of certain staff members’ work days. Food and supplier costs are rising, and the system can help to offset the strain.

Reclaim Office Space

If you have filing systems taking up space in your office or other parts of the hotel or restaurant, you are wasting budget on unnecessary assets. Digitizing with PaperSave can allow you to store more than 200,000 documents in just 40 GB, eliminating space constraints in the process.

Streamline Processes

Electronic review and approval will be easier through the annotation of documents and definition of information for each transaction in a wholly digital environment. This reduces data entry and eliminates the risks associated with lost or misplaced documents.

Go Green

Your restaurant or hotel will be reliant upon the brand image to excel, and becoming more environmentally friendly through a paperless initiative can bring you into the upper echelons of popularity. This can also eliminate waste from corporate expenditures and operations.