Higher Education institutions have been forced to begin doing more with less, as skills shortages intensify and the monumental costs of attending colleges and universities only continue to rise further. PaperSave can help to improve student services, alumni relations and financial management through instant access to information and streamlined collaboration.

Colleges and universities have had to quickly digitize many of their core management responsibilities and operational functions, all the while working to lower costs for students and strengthen the quality of education. When document management procedures are not being handled properly, the chances of enjoying optimal efficiency and productivity will be inherently lower.  PaperSave has the technology to dramatically improve these processes.  Information management optimization is critical to navigate the challenging landscape Higher Education faces, and PaperSave can help to drive down inefficiencies and inaccuracies at your institution with a range of products and services.

Case Study
West Virginia University Foundation

Before PaperSave, West Virginia University Foundation’s transactions were paper-based, which created a lot inefficiencies that overwhelmed the three-person team tasked with reviewing each invoice. Hardcopies of invoices and supporting documents also took up too much space. This resulted in delays processing payments.

Case Study
Excelsior College

Excelsior College’s major challenge was getting invoices delivered, approved and returned in a timely manner.  According to Tom Weaver, Excelsior’s financial systems manager, “We sent them to people via interoffice mail for signature approval, but it was hard to track where it was in the process once it left our office since we didn’t know who had it, or whether or not it had arrived safely to the correct department.”

Case Study
Washington & Lee University

Washington & Lee University needed to convert to an easy and secure paperless management system, while avoiding the purchase of additional storage and proving environmental responsibility.

Benefits Higher Education Leaders Can Gain Using PaperSave

Expenses Reduction

PaperSave helps reclaim valuable time in the day by eliminating manual tasks like photocopying gifts and filing documents.

Instant Access to Documents

Our document management system, which eliminates the filing and retrieval time, can give staff members 20-30 percent of their day back to focus on more important tasks. Instant access will also improve collaboration efficiency and productivity.

Office Space

Considering the fact that office space will tend to take up a large portion of overhead costs, reducing your paper filing systems through digitization of information can go a long way toward improving your bottom line.

Go Green

Environmental friendliness is critical to maintaining a good image and achieving optimal financial performance, so allow us to take you digital for more progressive performance.

Streamlined Processes

Electronic review and approvals can help staff members access documents right when they need them, enabling personnel to annotate documents, redact credit card information for PCI compliance and define information required to process transactions, and thus reducing data entry. Misplaced or lost documents will no longer be risks.