Schools are frequently asked to do more for their students, even though their budgets remain the same from year to year. Private schools especially want to remain affordable but need to consider their costs of business in order to be sustainable. The whole situation has the potential to be a big mess - and that's where PaperSave makes the grade.

The benefits of a paperless office aren’t limited to fewer reams of paper, but schools can better manage their budgets by saving money on a wide array of usual expenditures, such as toner and ink for printers, machine maintenance for faxes, and scanners and energy costs to keep everything running. All necessary information is readily available and conveniently located on the computer. PaperSave’s document management for school use isn’t just a good idea, it’s the smartest one.

Case Study
Saint Andrew’s School

The development team at Saint Andrew’s was bogged down by tedious administrative tasks and paperwork that took away precious time to build and expand their network of top donors.  “We would have stacks of donor-related documents that took up to three days to get sorted and filed,” recalled Paulette Bassil, director of data management and donor research for Saint Andrew’s School. “And each document search request would consume a lot of our staff’s time.”

Get One-Click Access to Student Records and Files with PaperSave

Have Access to a Wide Variety of Files Instantly

Anything can and will happen during the school day. It’s important to have instant access to student records, especially in the event of an emergency.

Teach the Benefits of Green Paperless Documentation Firsthand

It’s one thing to preach the benefits of using less paper, but it’s quite another to put said lesson to use. Students can watch teachers and administrators help protect the environment with paperless documentation.

Make Quick Progress on Reviews and Approvals

Document management software allows certain staff members to access documents, make notes within the documents and transition from one file to the next with ease without going in search of a new folder.

Have Happy Teachers and Staff

Spend more time on students rather than searching for papers and files.

Take Back the Office

The office doesn’t need to be filled with filing cabinets because now schools can store hundreds of thousands of documents in just 40 gigabytes of space.