At PaperSave, our clients are making a positive impact on their business by implementing paperless strategies to save time and money. View their stories below.

Customers Who Have Great Stories to Tell

Albrecht, Incorporated

"PaperSave is an easy to implement document management system and we highly recommend it for a small business.”


“It just makes us so much more efficient. It doesn’t seem like we’re stuck in the caveman days anymore!”

Multi Image Group

“My accounts payable person loves it because she’s not waiting around for weeks on end to get something approved and there’s a trail now,” says [...]

Excelsior College

"It seems to almost be part of GP - it didn’t seem like a third party product. It works seamlessly. I didn’t need to research anything else.

Metro Waste Authority

“If you’re looking for something to automate your workflow, create electronic records, and a way to be able to track documentation, PaperSave is [...]

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