Easy document management inside Dynamics GP  certified_dynamics_150x90

PaperSave’s integration with Dynamics GP eliminates the need for custom programming, extra training or costly set-up time. PaperSave captures information from the supporting GP card or transaction and stores it as metadata with the supporting document giving you one click access to supporting documents from the Dynamics GP window.

One click access to documents within GP

Retrieve supporting documentation for any Dynamics GP record or transaction.

Eliminate bottlenecks & gain faster approvals

Create powerful workflows to get faster responses for approvals and payments. View PaperSave’s Electronic Workflow features.

Seamlessly capture and associate forms produced by Dynamics GP

Automatically captures AP checks, AR invoices, packaging slips and delivery tickets associating them to a GP record.

Automatically match supporting documents to Purchase Orders & Sales Orders

Find packaging slips, delivery tickets, AR invoices and more for each purchase or sales order within Dynamics GP.

Complete workflow capabilities all within PaperSave

No need to purchase a separate workflow solution; PaperSave manages document acquisition, approval and storage.  Learn more about PaperSave’s Electronic Workflow.

Access documents from a web browser

Non-Dynamics users can easily search and access documents stored in PaperSave.

Impressive document search features

Find supporting documents based on record or transaction information that PaperSave grabbed during document acquisition. See all of PaperSave’s Document Search Features.

Loves documents in any form 

PaperSave can capture documents from a scanner, network copier/scanner, fax machine, email or Microsoft Office®.

So many ways to find documents faster & easier

Whether you need a single or group of documents, search by keywords, transaction information, user defined metadata or dates.

Our customers love talking about us

  • We no longer have piles of paperwork on the desk, waiting to be filed or processed. Everything is attached in Great Plains. We have better workflows and everyone can find the answers they need.

    Debbie Janssen Accounting, Sure Controls, Inc.
  • It’s great how it intertwines with Dynamics. It used to take me about one whole day to code, sort and process invoices, not including sending away for approvals. Having PaperSave has given me back about 12-16 hours per month

    Adam Hurry Emergency Medical Services Authority, Accountant
  • The bottom line is, I can’t imagine using GP without it. The one thing that always reassures me is PaperSave is the only one Microsoft gave their blessing to by making it MS certified.

    Tom Weaver Excelsior College