Access Financial Documents & Data
in the Cloud with Intacct Integration

PaperSave Solutions

Document Management

Key Benefits

Complete Integration with Intacct

Electronically capture, process and manage financial documents, records and data inside Intacct with a seamless user experience for document management and workflow automation.

Single-Click Access

Easily open records or transaction information via an easy-to-use interface or create notifications for employees to alert them when new documents are added.

Secure Financial Data

User-based permissions ensure that only authorized employees and departments have access to certain records and data.

Comprehensive Search

Several search and retrieval features and the ability to scan structured and unstructured content make data discovery easier and faster, whether looking for one group or many associated ones. See all of PaperSave’s Document Search Features here.

Automatic Processes

From Purchase Orders to invoices, all supporting documents are matched automatically and easy to retrieve when an inquiry is made. These files can then easily be sent via email to auditors or coworkers.

Electronic Sharing

Stop tracking down documents across the office and eliminate the need for callbacks by easily and securing storing all files in a central repository. It’s sharing made easy.

Route Documents

Create and save processes and powerful workflows that send documents to the correct systems based on business processes and created rules.

One Solution for All Documents

There is never a reason to lose documents again or purchase another workflow solution, as information and files are managed throughout their complete lifecycle, from acquisition to approval to storage.

Easy, Cost-Effective Implementation

With out-of-the box capabilities and easy-to-use interfaces, spend time using the PaperSave and Intacct, not manually integrating systems, coding APIs or training users.

PaperSave Gives You Deployment Options Based on Your Organization’s Needs


PaperSave includes a long list of technology features to help you confidently manage information in a highly secure environment while providing users with easy access.


PaperSaveCloud™ promises a new way to address the most notorious challenge of adopting document management and workflow solutions: Price.

  • Our accounting department has freed up about 40 hours per week thanks to PaperSave. I talk about it all the time. It’s a huge timesaver!

    WS Packaging
  • The value it has added to our company is immense.

    Sauder Fabrication
  • The time it saves is just incredible. It allows us to provide better service to our customers who, in turn, can provide better service to their customers.

    Splendor Shower Door
  • This thing, [PaperSave], is worth its weight in not even gold. It’s platinum! Titanium!

    MTN Communications
  • When we have a question about an expense, we don't have to go looking for paper. We can spend more time understanding how we're spending our money and thinking about how we can spend it more effectively.

    Ed Torgas Morrison, Brown, Argiz & Farra / CFO and Firm Administor
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