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CertifiedTake Microsoft Dynamics GP paperless with PaperSave document management system!

PaperSave offers out of the box, seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP by automating the process of imaging, approving and retrieving source documents.

PaperSave dynamically captures information from the supporting GP card or transaction and stores it as meta-data with the supporting document, allowing documents to be retrieved within a click or two from within the Dynamics GP window. Our method of integration eliminates the need for programming or costly setup time to operate efficiently.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Allows document sharing throughout your business.
  • Reduces implementation and training costs.
  • Creates “Smart Lists” for easy document retrieval of groups of documents.
  • Streamlines document routing for quick approval.
  • Manages documents throughout the process.
  • Eliminates lost or misfiled documents.
  • Eliminate physical storage space requirements on & off site.
  • Reclaim the 20-30% of day spent filing, searching retrieving information.

The PaperSave Difference:

Comprehensive Search Methods
PaperSave offers several search and retrieval features that make your search time faster and easier whether you need a single document or a group of documents. Harness the power of PaperSave’s comprehensive search features to pull groups of documents through structured and unstructured search methods by similar characteristics such as key words, transaction information, user defined meta-data and dates. All these benefits without having to involve your IT department when you need information.

Seamless Integration with SharePoint to store all your documents
Allows Non-Dynamics GP users the ability to retrieve documents from their desktop.  Additionally, PaperSave can be expanded to all of your company’s departments by allowing additional Document Libraries to be created to house documents and using PaperSave's scanning acquisition methods to acquire them into the SharePoint environment.

Single click access to add and retrieve documents directly from over 60 Dynamics GP records
Open a Card or Transaction and receive the "outlook" style notification window click on the link to retrieve the document.  Documents then become a natural extension to your Dynamics GP screens, reducing implementation and training costs.

Harness the power with our Smart List and Smart List Builder integration
Dramatically increase the power by pulling supporting documents from any smart list.  Make better decisions with better intelligence by viewing supporting documents.  Helps preparation for an audit by pulling supporting documents based on General Ledger distribution.  Once a document is associated with a GP record, it becomes associated with every data element defined on the record.  By creating a Smart List, it allows the user to pull documents by information that is not even contained in the content!

Seamlessly capture and associate AP checks and other Forms produced by Dynamics GP  PaperSave's Forms Recapture module automatically captures documents produced by Dynamics GP such as checks, AR invoices, packaging slips, delivery tickets, etc. and associates them with the appropriate GP record. This automation eliminates the time to manually associate vital saved documents. Users can capture the documents while printing or scan in a stack in case the documents are signed by customers or notated internally.

Automatically match Purchase Order and Sale Order documents with PaperSave's Multi-Association
Open any transaction associated to a Purchase Order or Sales Order to see all documents.  This allows easy access to a customer's PO, packaging slip, deliver ticket, AR invoice etc. when a shipping order inquiry is made.  With another click, supporting documents can be e-mailed to customers to resolve their questions or concerns within seconds, eliminating the need for call backs or time spent tracking down information.

Route documents for approvals by creating powerful workflows based on your process and rules
PaperSave harnesses the power of Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation, allowing users to take advantage of trade discounts by eliminating bottlenecks and creating quicker payment cycles. [ + ]

Manage your full document lifecycle
With PaperSave, there is no need to purchase a separate workflow solution since PaperSave manages the document acquisition, approval and storage.

Comprehensive capture solution for all your source documents
Whether you are capturing documents from a scanner, network copier/scanner, fax machine, email or Microsoft Office®, PaperSave allows you to capture documents into your process regardless of how they are received or create. More details on Capture Methods 


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